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Prayer Request Board This board provides our members with the opportunity to pray specifically for each other. If you have a prayer request, please give other members an opportunity to pray for you. Remember, God listens!

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Old January 10th, 2008, 07:33 AM
honey_bee honey_bee is offline
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Default Trying to start a group

Hello! I am new and hope to start leadership of a First Place group soon. My church is a modest sized one here in San Antonio. It was my mother who got the idea to start a group since I had done it in high school and lost 10 pounds without really even trying on First Place. She thinks I need to use my outgoing personality more and take leadership over a group. I have complaining about the 50 plus pounds I need to lose myself.
Anyway, our budget is such that it is a leap of faith to start this group up. There are a lot of women who need this group (forgive me, but it is true!) and they all agreed to join if I lead one. We have very little funds...I'm talking $200 in our budget for this sort of thing. I know the Lord will provide us with the money we need to start the group, I just need prayer to help find it. We are brainstorming to find a way and we all know it will come eventually.

Keep our small church in your prayers that we come into what God's will is in this situation. The name of the church is Woodlake Baptist Church in San Antonio, TX and my name is Melissa.

Thanks to all of you! I can't wait to get to know each of you more.

Melissa (aka Honey_bee)

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Old January 10th, 2008, 03:05 PM
Pat/TX Pat/TX is offline
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Most churches help to fund First Place expenses by charging a modest registration fee. If members have to pay to join, the likelihood that they'll stick with it is higher. They'll want to get their money's worth! That might help your financial crunch. There are expenses involved in leading a class. You need name cards and prayer request slips and lots of handouts. Paper costs will hit you hard. The fact that you have been on the Live-It before and were successful will be a plus for you! I wish you well with your new group, and I hope you will come back and tell us how it's going for you.

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Old January 17th, 2008, 09:54 PM
Suzy Q Suzy Q is offline
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Default Building A Group From Scratch

In my fifteen years of ministry I have never charged anyone for being in our group. Neither did any of the churches have to give financial support. How did we do it? By building our own group from the ground up. I bought books written by various Christian writers who had successfully lost weight and upon each one we would build a class and Bible study. Some times books would come with study guides included. I often found the books at yard sales or thrift shops which kept the cost low. I researched subjects from exercise, to nutrition, to vitamins, to everything related to weight loss and health. God often gave me ideas of different ways to present a class or an idea. We followed the food exchange program and charted our meals on copies made with donated paper. I carried the financial responsibility of the group years ago and I am carrying it now. I have purchased exercise tapes that we use in our classes, and also hand weights and elastic exercise bands that I gave as rewards to my group members. Sometimes we would hold drawings for these items that I gave freely as part of my service to the Lord. I don't necessarily agree that because people have to pay a fee they will continue to attend the meetings and do what they need to. Only a committed heart will follow through. One that is still in heavy bondage to food addiction will often spend great amounts of money on fad diets, pills, books, gym memberships and gadgets to lose weight only to find themselves quitting before they even get a good start. Most of the churches I have taken this ministry to have been smaller, struggling churches. Many could not afford such a program had it not been for the manner in which I presented it. My cost has not been great because I look for bargains and God places them in my path. He has taken care of our needs always and will continue as long as He calls me to minister. He will do the same for you. If I can be of any further help, contact me. cheryll@christfirst.net. I will gladly share whatever resources I have or direct you where you can find what you need. I would encourage you to use as much of the First Place materials as you can but when the money isn't available, there is a world of information at your fingertips and resources that you can use and combine with what you already have.
I never want to turn anyone away simply because of money. There were older ladies on Social Security, some on welfare and some who had been abandoned by their spouses and left with nothing. Yet they had the same need to lose weight but could not afford an expensive program or go to a dietician. I am not an expert, but God has given me a great deal of knowledge down through the years and He continues to direct me to share it freely with others.
In His Service,
Suzy Q
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